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Madeira Bus & Touring Map New 2016 6th edition

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Madeira Bus & Touring Map - Madeira's most popular map has been comprehensively updated for its 6th edition for 2016.
Madeira Island road map (60k scale) based on our latest 8th edition of Madeira Tour & Trail Map (40k scale) is combined with a Greater Funchal Street Plan showing the horario publico Funchal bus service.
New for 2015 is our 'Funchal Hotel Locator' index of over 60 hotels so that you can quickly find where your Funchal hotel is located.
Timetable details for the country bus services operated by SAM Buses, Rodoeste Buses, Transportes Publicos Interurbana Service and Automoveis do Canico.
Includes details of the 'Electric Eco' free buses operating in central Funchal along with the new 'Tourist Sightseeing' bus service.
Also includes notes on using the bus services and details of the cable car services plus the Unofficial Madeira Bus Timetable.
Madeira's road system has been comprehensively updated based on our latest 8th edition Madeira Tour & Trail Map (40k scale, in Paper and Super-Durable editions).
This is a big map, 840mm by 600mm, printed on top quality map paper by one of the UK's top map printers.
If you don't need the off - tarmac detail of our Madeira Tour & Trail Map then our Madeira Bus & Touring Map 6th Edition contains all the information you need for planning your touring around the 'Garden Isle' by bus or hire car.

Recent Amazon Reader Reviews for the 4th Edition-
'Madeira Bus & Touring Map 4th edition Excellent Information, 5 Nov 2014'
'This was very useful to plan for my one day visit in Funchal from a cruise ship. All the information for the bus stops and timings for the hop-on-hop off bus were excellent. Thoroughly recommend. 29 Sep 2014'
'As a first time visitor to Madeira I found this map very useful for sorting out the various bus services. Ideal for getting around, 4 Jan 2014'
'Very informative guide that we used every day of our holiday, we would not have explored many of the places we found on the Island without this.'

At only 3.99 don't think this is a small cheap map.
It is 840mm by 600mm, printed on top quality map paper by one of the UK's top map printers.
If you don't need the detail of our Tour & Trail Map then buy the Madeira Bus & Touring Map 2016 6th Edition.

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