Walk Mallorca Majorca Tour & Trail Map 

Mallorca North & Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map
isbn 9781782750291  £8.99  

Mallorca North & Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map  
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This is a special year for Mallorca adventures with our new Mallorca North & Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map by David Brawn and Walk! Mallorca guide book by Charles Davis. Team the book and map together for your memorable Mallorca adventures.  

Reverting to our original map title but now in its 6th Edition Mallorca North & Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map gives you a super detailed, up to date, map of the Tramuntana region stretching from Peguera-Costa Calma- Santa Ponça in the west then running along the mountainous region to the very tip of the Formentor peninsula at Cap Formentor.
Please note that this is a map of northern Mallorca, not the whole island.
With a size of 1,080mm by 600mm at 1:40,000 scale on a double sided map sheet you get a lot of Mallorca on this map while still being easy to read thanks to our Tour & Trail design standards.  Those essential features of petrol stations, refreshment stops, miradors and off-road parking are easily seen while our background altitude shading plus 50 and 100 metre contours and spot heights bring this beautiful landscape to life.
New for our 6th edition is a special way of highlighting the walking trails from Walk! Mallorca and the stages of the GR221 long distance trail. This makes the routes much easier to find on the map and easier to follow on the ground. Detailed updates include improving the motorway junctions and road classifications.

Special ‘concertina map fold’ means your map unfolds quickly, and more importantly folds back to its compact pocket size easily and quickly.
Super-Durable means we have printed the map on ‘Polyart’ to produce a lightweight map that feels like silk but is as tough as old boots to outlast the worst of conditions and fold up like new after every use.

All the 53 walking routes from Walk! Mallorca guide book are highlighted and clearly numbered on Mallorca North & Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map 6th edition.
If you are planning Mallorca adventures on and around the Tramuntana then this is the essential map for you. 

 Quite simply this is the largest, most detailed map of northern Mallorca that you can buy.
Mallorca is far too big for a single sheet large scale map, so we have selected the Serra de Tramantana and northern coast stretching from Esporles to Cap Formentor; that applied for our 1st to 4th Editions but now we go westwards as far as Paguera. This expanded region now contains over 90% of all the Mallorca walks from UK publishers.
'Specialist Concertina map fold' makes Tour & Trail Maps easy to use, and more importantly easy to fold back to their handy pocket size.
Whichever guide book you are using (we hope you choose DWG) this map will help you plan routes covering the walking regions of the island. Quite simply the '
definitive' map for the region.

Tour & Trail Super-Durable Maps are printed on Polyart using 100% oxygenation inks which produces a lightweight map that feels like silk while being both water-proof and incredibly tough so that after even the toughest of adventures your Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map will fold up like new. Polyart is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is therefore 100% recyclable in category 2 HDPE. For more information see the Polyart website at http://www.polyart.com/en

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'Super-Durable' at £8.99, or 'Paper' at £5.99? Why pay £3.00 more for 'Super-Durable'?
Just ask anyone who has used one of our 'Super-Durable' maps what they think. They'll all tell you to go for 'Super-Durable' because it will shrug off just about anything you can throw at it; spilt drinks, just mop them up and wipe down the map with a wet cloth, rain-hail-snow then use the map as a waterproof cape/shelter, wet ground just put down the map and sit on it. To demonstrate 'Super-Durability' I unfolded a map and dived into the Club Atlantis (Tenerife) swimming pool then climbed out, shook off the excess water and handed the map to a client - a somewhat amazed client. At a British Cartographic Society symposium I dragged a seated delegate around the lecture theatre using a Super-Durable map as a towrope. Even after this sort of rough treatment a Super-Durable map will fold back up like new.

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